Wi-Fi Security


Wi-Fi Security


Turn your home into a Smart Home and change the security at your doors
– Link it to your Wi-Fi modem
– Share control with other users
Access with:
– Fingerprint
– Keys
– Numeric codes
RFID cards

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Turn your home into a Smart Home!

Bring digital security to your door and change the way you enter, with this Wi-Fi lock.

The operation of this Wi-Fi security lock is managed through our Steren Home app, where you can add more devices and share control with others.

It incorporates 5 different ways to get access:

Cell: By connecting the lock to the Internet by Wi-Fi, from wherever you are you can give access to whoever you want with your cell phone.

RFID: The smart lock includes 2 RF tags with which you can open when you zoom in. The computer allows you to register up to 100 cards1.

Footprint: Open just by placing your finger on the handle. The equipment has the capacity to store up to 100 footprints.

Codes: Generates custom codes from 6 to 8 digits that can be shared with trusted people. You can register up to 100 combinations.

Key: It incorporates the traditional system of opening by physical key. The side milling of the key and the anti-slip system of the bolt minimize the risk of cloning and vandalism. This security lock includes 2 keys.

It works with1batteries, so you don’t have to worry if there is a power outage. In addition, in case the batteries run out, you can temporarily power it with a power bank, through its micro USB port.

Its minimalist design is very elegant. It is made of steel with matte finish and plastic moldings, and incorporates a keyboard imperceptible to the eye that lights up only when you touch it to enter a code.

It includes everything you need to install it in doors of 38 to 50 mm thick, either for left or right opening.

1De sale separately.


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